RFoG: Overcoming The Forward And Reverse Capacity Constraints (2011)

By Oleh J. Sniezko, Aurora Networks, Inc

The paper will present technical analysis and performance modeling for forward transmitters to show that in the absence of RF loss in the access distribution networks, bandwidth in excess of 1.6 GHz and capacity in excess of 10 Gbps can be supported at nominal incremental cost. Hence, in this case, RFoG has the potential of exceeding 10G PON/EPON forward capacity without the need to add overlay systems.

For the reverse path, the paper will show how FDD can take advantage of forward and reverse wavelength separation (WDD) to support full duplex communication in RFoG systems with very high upstream path capacity. Ultimately, WDD enables the capacity of an entire single wavelength to be dedicated to the forward or the reverse path.

This increased capacity in the upstream can exceed 1 Gbps and be provisioned in a manner that provides full compatibility with the deployed network edge equipment; equipment in the headend and even more importantly consumer electronics and the operator’s terminal equipment on the customer premises.

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