Transparent And Reasonable Network Management In DOCSIS 3.0 (2010)

By Don Bowman, Sandvine

The high-speed data industry is in a state of flux due to maturing markets, increased regulation, public policy pressure, transparency requirements and DOCSIS 3.0 speeds. With the wide-spread adoption of broadband, and its evolution into wideband, we are seeing the relentless destruction of information-based business models as information shifts to Internet-based delivery.

Newspaper media giants are going bankrupt, broadcasters are cutting out their affiliates to deliver directly to the consumer, and the music and movie industry are challenged.

Delivery models are shifting to the Internet because of the low cost to the content provider. At the same time, top-line subscriber growth on high-speed data is declining and peak bandwidth is not able to command a proportional premium in price.

This paper will discuss the technical means of achieving the goals of providing continuing, profitable high-speed data service with transparency and reasonable network management, while transitioning consumer experience and expectations to the broadband of tomorrow made possible with the speeds created with DOCSIS 3.0.

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