Wireless and Home Networking: A Foundation for Service Provider Applications (2009)

By Tim Burke,Liberty Global and Michael Eagles, UPC Broadband

The explosion in the variety of Consumer Electronic (CE) devices and applications that deliver video and internet experiences has produced the need for simple and integrated home networking solutions. The cable TV community has analyzed, tested and debated the viability of offering home networking solutions for many years but competitive pressures and technology advancements has finally prompted near term action.

Although the home networking environmental conditions are reaching an inflection point, the standards, consortiums and technologies are very fragmented and the network operator economics justifying a service offering can be marginal.

This paper focuses on various wireless home networking technologies and solutions. The drivers for home networking are considered and a variety of wireless home networking configurations are discussed.

Preliminary test results from both a performance and economic basis are evaluated. Of particular importance will be to assess the user and operator experience from a set-up and maintenance perspective.

The conclusion section will contrast the technical and economic characteristics and benefits of the various wireless home networking solutions. A recommendation will be proposed that identifies areas of opportunities for wireless home networking solutions for Multiple System Operators (MSO’s).

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