Efficient Server Distribution In All Demand Systems (2002)

By Doug Makofka, Bob Mack, Motorola BCS

AllDemand systems are systems that only carry services on the plant when some client demands (tunes) them. VOD (sub)systems are the closest well-known analogy to the AllDemand system. Although AllDemand systems are similar to VOD systems, there are differences between the two. These differences require an AllDemand system designer to consider several potential architecture models in order to assure efficient media server distribution. When considering server distribution in AllDemand service environments, one must take into account the types of AllDemand services that will be offered as well as the bandwidth available at different points in the network. This paper provides an overview to help in the selection of a trade-off of AllDemand system facets. A summary of AllDemand service types, and architectures is provided.

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