Analysis Of Bandwidth-Conservative Service Opportunity (2002)

By Gregory E. Feldkamp, Ph.D, @Security Broadband Corporation

A significant challenge for cable operators is to leverage the high-speed data infrastructure to implement services for which customers are willing to pay an additional monthly charge without the burden of a significant increase in capital costs. @Security Broadband’s SafeVillageTM system (patents pending) creates such an opportunity through a residential monitored security service, which provides audio and video alarm verification by monitoring personnel in a centralized center, and live viewing and two-way audio by homeowners over the public Internet. A critical design consideration has been the capacity implications of carrying streaming video and audio over the high-speed data infrastructure and thus the impact on the cable operator’s capital expenditures. To characterize this impact, @Security conducted an extended study as part of an 85-home technology trial carried out in cooperation with a major cable operator. This paper describes the data collection and analysis methodology, and provides a quantitative description of the findings.

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