Coexistence Of Analog And Digital Video (1992)

By Aravanan Gurusami, Robert Chamberlin, and Jeff Cox, Magnavox CATV Systems, Inc.

The coming introduction of compressed digital video delivery systems has caused many industry watchers to question the viability of alternate forms of signal security, including converter/ descramblers and interdiction products. Some suppliers have backed off from plans to deliver new analog control systems to the industry, choosing instead to focus on digital delivery systems to support their business for the next several years.

This presentation will focus on the relationship between digital video and analog services. It will propose a scenario by which the two technologies may coexist on a network, making the new technology available to those subscribers willing to pay for new services, while keeping capital investment low for more cost sensitive subs. The report will concentrate on the next five to ten years and how the new technology may be phased in over time instead of immediately dominating the market.

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