The RF Bypass Converter An Alternative Broadband Delivery Mechanism (1991)

By Thomas F. Martin, Jerrold Communications

The issue of compatibility between a cable converter and consumer electronics has led to the development of means to concurrently provide all authorized services to the subscriber. Interdiction systems are one example of such means. A significant drawback with interdiction is its use of deny security, which makes it difficult to gradually phase into a cable system.

An alternative approach is presented which provides addressable, concurrent delivery of all authorized services to the home while retaining supply (descrambling) security. This approach is well suited to the subscriber taking one pay channel and desiring access to pay-per-view programming. In some cases an additional, non-addressable trapped pay channel can be offered as well. Because there is a high percentage of single-pay subscribers, this approach might serve the needs of many subscribers while retaining excellent compatibility with consumer electronics.

An overview of a proposed bypass converter is given, and some technical considerations in its design are described.

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