Design Considerations For Enhancement Of A Large Urban Coaxial Cable System (1983)

By Williah E. Evans, Hanitoba Telephone Systeh

The large coaxial cable distribution system (CCDS) in Winnipeg, Hanitoba, constructed as a 12 channel system in the late 1960s and now serving over 192,000 CATV subscribers, requires channel expansion for new television services and enhanced transmission performance to meet revised Department of Communications standards -- all within the context of providing a modern, multi-user, multi-service facility serving the broadband communication needs of various business, education and government users.

As the major communications common carrier in Hanitoba, the Hanitoba Telephone System (H.T.S.) has developed a plan for enhancement of the Winnipeg system based upon studies of alternative network configurations employing various communications technologies, such as Feedforward amplification, AH or FM Very High Capacity Microwave 0{HOM), and analogue, digital or hybrid Fibre Optics.

Comparative study results forming the plan are presented along with details of the recommended network configuration. A purposeful commitment has been made to enhance the CCDS without adopting any distortion - masking techniques such as HRC or ICC phase-locking such that maximum flexibility is obtained to fully and flexibly use the network usefulness.

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