Addressable Control For The Small System (1982)

By Charles Eissler, Oak Communications Systems

Cost effective addressable control is now available for the small system with as few as 1,000 subscribers. A system that is in the expansion phase of pay can also benefit from cost effective addressable control. The system can utilize the same headend components and home terminals after expansion.

Addressable control can provide improved program marketing techniques, reduced operating costs and enhanced program and equipment security.

The difference between this mini system and one where five to eight thousand or more subscribers are involved is in the control center. The control center is made up of relatively low cost, off-the-shelf components. However a propitiatory software program retains basic addressability and special event capability.

A financial analysis is included. The marginal investment for mini system addressable control, as compared to only hard security, pays back in about two and one-quarter years. Internal rate of return computes to fifty-five percent.

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