The Link Between The Computer And Television (1981)

By Ralph E. Grabowski, VISIONtec

Much discussion has been focused recently the the home of the future. Making the home interactive is a goal of cable television operators to create new markets and increase cable revenues. Recent advances in computerized image processing components make such applications possible.

Teleshopping, Demand Electronic Knowledge, Municipal Image Data Bases, and other applications require the creation, storage and distribution of a vast quantity of images. They need to be created inexpensively, recalled at random, and distributed easily over currently installed cable systems.

This paper describes new developments in inexpensive image processing components that use standard television and interface directly with inexpensive minicomputers. The author will present a video tape presentation showing the live creation of a Teleshopping catalog data base, and other applications along with a description of a home and municipal distribution system suitable for two-way interaction Demand Electronic Knowledge.

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