Developmental Approaches For An Existing Cable System (1978)

By Fernando Ciccone and Dean Adrian, Manhattan Cable TV

The paper will present, with the aid of audio-visuals, an analysis of the development of Manhattan Cable TV's programming effort, and the technical requirements needed to implement that effort.

A brief history of our unique system will be followed by a discussion of the new demands placed upon us, focusing particularly on those demands placed upon the Transmission facility.

More frequent program switching to accommodate a heavier programming schedule, which includes Public Access, Leased Access, Municipal, Sports, and Special Event programs, plus promotional material, graphic interludes between these programs, and commercial inserts, will be required over 10 channels. In addition, more system-wide signal routing and switching capability is required to accommodate a growing number of remote sources that which to feed live programming over the Cable system.

In conclusion, we will discuss the ways that each of our growth problems are being dealt with within our 10 year system. This includes partial automation, portable-infrared links, and signal processing equipment.

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