Is Your System Paying Too Much For Plant Power? (1977)

By James K. Waldo, Teleprompter Cable TV

In a time when power is paid for at a premium, there is no reason for you to pay more for power at your system than you actually use, and if each separate power supply is not individually metered chances are you are. In order to avoid over payment, you must begin to think in terms of conservation and monitoring of actual power use. With those two elements at hand, chances are you can successfully negotiate changes in your contract with your local power company. By monitoring the actual amount of power consumed with a kilowatt meter, you can show local representatives the actual amount of power you have used. If you are afraid of disrupting relations with the power company, don't be. Over the past several years they have become used to such things. But with careful metering of your power system and a tactful approach to power company representatives, you could reduce the amount you pay for electricity by a substantial sum.

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