Report On Sources Of Variability In Color Reproduction As Viewed On The Home Television Receiver (1973)

By K. Blair Benson, Ad Hoc Color Television Study Committee of the JCIC

The Ad Hoc Color Television Study Committee was organized in 1968 by the SMPTE under the authorization of the Joint Committee on Intersociety Coordination (JCIC) representing EIA, IEEE, NCTA, SMPTE in order to pinpoint the causes of the serious degradation in color television pictures as viewed in the home, particularly as regards variability in hue, saturation and color quality and to initiate appropriate corrective action by the industry. The continuing investigations have been concerned with every element of the television system from the staging and lighting for electronic and film production, through studio and network transmission, and lastly through the home receiver. Both air and cable transmission have been included in the study. The work has not been limited to paper or theoretical studies, but has involved extensive field tests in several cities in the U.S., laboratory measurements, and detailed surveys of operating practices in over 250 television stations.

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