A Study Of Aluminum Cable-connector Interfaces And Their Effect On CATV System RF Ingress (1973)

By Eric Winston, Jerrold Electronics Corporation

The cable-connector interface is dominant in considering long-term system shielding effectiveness. Mechanics of the interface indicate that radial cable stress can reduce contact pressure between cable and clamp; creep is a secondary phenomenon. Internal support sleeves help maintain required contact pressure. Laboratory and field tests show quantitative differences between connectors having internal support sleeves and those without.

The cable-connector interface resistance is explored as a factor in long-term shielding effectiveness; an increase in junction resistance with time is typical.

Field testing with simulated feeder lines is described in detail together with the concept of "effective shielding", the difference between the signal level at a dipole 10' away from the cable and the signal obtained in the cable system, expressed in dB.

A useful approach to the problem of maintaining satisfactory interfaces is presented. Arguments favoring aluminum cable connectors having integral internal sleeves are outlined.

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