The "Multipoint Distribution Service" A Threat Or A Promise? (1972)

By D.D. Milne, Varian/Micro-Link

The program originally scheduled for this time slot will not be seen due to technical difficulties completely within our control. While we would very much like to talk about our multi-channel CARS equipment, we are just completing a second generation design, and in light of the broad coverage being devoted to this subject by other speakers later in the schedule, we accepted Del Ports' invitation to switch the topic to the new Multipoint Distribution Service.

This does not mean that we would rather "switch than fight". We definitely favor the AM translator approach to Multichannel TV relay systems and have been using this technique for many years in furnishing 25 00 MHz multi -channel systems for the Instructional Television Service.

The new topic---"MDS - A Threat or a Promise" was suggested by Del to acquaint you with the recent FCC action as related to the CATV industry.

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