Subscriber Terminal Interface Requirements (1972)

By T. P. Ellsworth,The Magnavox company

It is a privilege to serve with Dr. Powers and other members of the Frequency Allocation Subcommittee of the IEEE Coordinating Committee for Cable Communications Systems. I believe that the work of this group will prove to be significant in the development of needed frequency allocation standards for the cable television industry. During the course of our committee work, it became clear that performance characteristics of domestic television receivers are a major factor that must be carefully considered in establishing recommendations for frequency allocation plans. Time will not permit detailed consideration of all performance parameters that affect satisfactory operation of domestic color and monochrome receivers on Cable TV systems. I have selected four major topics for review in this paper:

(1) Rejection Ratios for Unwanted Adjacent Channels Carriers

(2) Local Oscillator Stability

(3) Local Oscillator Interference

(4) Receiver Noise Figure and Dynamic Range

These topics were selected because many of the reported difficulties with some models of television receivers operating on cable systems appear to be related to these four items.

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