Reliability Through Total Automation Of CATV System Design (1972)

By Ivan T. Frisch, Bill Rothfarb, Aaron Kershenbaum, Network Analysis Corporation

Within the past few years Network Analysis Corporation's computer CATV design service has established itself as the most economical CATV system designer in existence. Repeated comparisons, contests and competitions against individual designers, manufacturers and system owners of all sizes and varieties have confirmed the economy of NAC's computer designs; examples of these savings are well documented.[ l-4] However, we often encounter the mistaken notion that these hardware savings are made by, in some sense, sacrificing reliability or flexibility inherent in human design. Logical appraisals of the question, and all available experience indicate the contrary. In fact, this notion indicates a serious lack of understanding of what constitutes a "good" design. Because of the increasing complexity in new system designs, such a misconception can have disastrous. consequences for the system owner. Therefore, with some examples we will illustrate how the system owner obtains a significantly more reliable design, with more flexibility for system modification and expansion, and with better overall control of his design process--through use of NAC's computerized CATV system design service.

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