Two-Way CATV Systems Performance (1971)

By Andrew W. Barnhart, Senior Project Engineer Jerrold Electronics Corporation

There are many specifications of importance to two-way systems. This paper will be concerned with the three major performance criteria -- carrier- to-noise (C/N), cross-modulation (XM), and group delay -- and how these are expected to vary with the system size, crossover frequency, and channel loading. Many systems are considering two-way operation, each with its own specific requirements. This leads to many different two-way configurations, including multiple cable approaches, each suitable for a particular type of application. It is beyond the scope of this paper to treat all of these configurations; rather several specific two-way CATV transportation designs will be reviewed and the resultant system performance estimated. Many of the design values used for these systems were arrived at employing considerations discussed in a previous paper "System Considerations in the Design of a Two-Way Transmission System" cited in Reference 1.

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