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The Headend Evolution: Design Considerations for Deploying vCCAP and Other VNFs
By Patricio Sebastian Latini, CASA Systems
An Analysis of How to Deploy Low Power WAN IoT Using HFC and Fiber Network Infrastructure
By Patricio Sebastian Latini, CASA Systems
Deploying Telephony Services Over CATV Systems: Systems And Architectural Considerations
By Gaylord A. Hart, XEL Communications and Richard Lyford, ANTEC
Getting Real Performance from a Virtualized CCAP
By Mark Szczesniak, Casa Systems, Inc.
Cable Access Network Virtualization: Headend Re-Architected as a Data Center
By Ruobin Zheng, Wenle Yang, Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Bringing Together Headend Consolidation and High-Speed Data Traffic in HFC Architecture Design
By Dr. Timothy Brophy, Dr. Robert Howald, Curt Smith, General Instrument Corporation, Transmission Network Systems
The Evolution of Network Virtualization In The Home
By Patrick Goemaere, Technicolor
A Simple Approach For Deriving The Symbol Error Rate of Non-Rectangular 2^2K+1 M-ary AMPM Modulation
By Patricio Latini, Ayham Al-Banna, ARRIS Group
The Impact Of The New FCC Frequency Rules On CATV Headend System Design And Operation
By William T. Homiller, General Instrument Jerrold Division
Headend Techniques For Reducing Distortion In Distribution Systems
By William T. Homiller, General Instrument Jerrold Division
Design Considerations For An Advanced TV Test Facility
By Dave Wachob, Jerrold Applied Media Lab
Signal Purity Considerations For Frequency Synthesized Headend Equipment
By David L. Kelma, General Instrument
The Benefits and Challenges of Deploying 5G Small Cells on the HFC Strand Network
By Cameron Gillis, Samsung Electronics America; Riley Lehecka, Enersys; Charles Chapman, EnerSys
Architectural Considerations For Overlaying Fast· Packet Digital Networks On Hybrid Fiber/coax Systems
By Gaylord A. Hart, XEL Communications, Inc
Adapting D4.0 Scheduler to Achieve the Optimal Latency
By Hongbiao Zhang, Casa Systems; Chain Lee, Casa Systems; Vishnuvinod Sambasivan, Casa Systems
System Considerations Affecting Antenna Preamplifier Design
By Frank Pennypacker, P. Eng. and Emanuele DiLecce, P. Eng., Lindsay Specialty Products Ltd.
Design Considerations For Addressable Multi-dwelling Terminals
By Patrick J. Birney, Pioneer Communications Of America, Inc.
Transient Considerations For CATV Systems
By Robert N. O'Hara, Theta-Com
Preparations for Deploying & Lessons Learned from Deploying High Split (204 MHz) on I-CCAP, R-PHY, & R-MACPHY - High Split as a Steppingstone Towards DOCSIS® 4.0
By Craig Coogan, CommScope, Inc.; Jamie Brown, Shaw Communications, Inc.; Zoran Maricevic, Ph. D., CommScope, Inc.
Design Considerations For Mechanical Packaging Of A CATV Trunk Station
By Wayne Vaughn, Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.