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Rx: Signal Processing
By Robert L. Pace
The Cost Of Fair Bandwidth: Business Case On The Rise Of Online Video, P2P, And Over-The-Top; Proactive Steps Operators Can Take Today To Meet Bandwidth Demands In The Near Future
By Michael Eagles, UPC Broadband and Robert F. Cruickshank III, C-COR
Critical Characteristics of Coaxial Cable for Community Television Applications
By David E. Karrmann, Times Wire and Cable Company
Are Your Critical Facilities Ready To Be Managed With Big Data?
By Dustin Boyette, EnerSys
CATV's Critical Mass Problem
By J. J. O'Neill, The MITRE Corporation McLean, Virginia
How To Evaluate Coaxial Cable For Maximum Utilization And Longevity
By Allen M. Kushner
In Pursuit of the Dark NOC: Driving Change With Automation & AIOps
By Marcus Rebelo, Resolve Systems
Assuring Data Delivery from Critical IoT Devices: A Method to Create New Services and Mitigate Liability
By Michael Kloberdans & Shlomo Ovadia, Charter Communications
Comcast Underground: Innovative Fiber Deployments Over Existing Underground Critical Infrastructure
By Venk Mutalik, Pat Wike, Doug Combs, Alan Gardiner, Dan Rice; Comcast
Technical Considerations When Implementing Pay Per View
By Larry N. Lehman, Cencom Cable Associates, Inc.
Tools of the Trade for Supporting Critical Communications of Last Resort
By Derek DiGiacomo, SCTE
CATV System Design and Operation
By C. Bailey Neal, Archer S. Taylor, Donald W. Levenson, Orville D, Page, J.D. Cauldwell, P. Knight and E. R. Mertz, John Campbell and Joseph P. Gleason
Reliable Power Monitoring is Critical to Successful 10G Deployment
By Tim Cooke, Amphenol Broadband Solutions
Critical Considerations For The Design Of A Robust And Scalable DAA Aggregation And Transport Network
By Jon Baldry, Infinera
Using Fiber To Interconnect Different Systems, Reduce Cascades And Changeout Addressable Converters
By Larry N. Lehman, Cencom Cable Associates, Inc.
A Charm School For Installers And Techs? Who Needs It!
By Sheldon B. Satin, Sheldon Satin Associates, Inc.
Low Cost Cars Band Microwave Systems
By Dana W. Atchley, Jr. and Edmond J. Forbes, Microwave Associates, Inc.
Cable And Rural Broadband: How Cable Plays a Critical Role in Closing the Digital Divide
By Kevin A. Noll, Vecima; Jay Rolls, Pacband; Patrick Ryan, Esri
Empowering Smart Communities with a Digital Twin - Why detailed 3D city models are critical for enabling modern IoT solutions
By Scott Casey, Cyclomedia Technology, Inc.
Kauai: Adventure In Paradise
By Peter N. Smith, Rifkin & Associates, Inc.