SCTE Smart Amplifier Project - Extend Proactive Network Maintenance to the Outside Plant (2022)

By Doug Jones, CableLabs

A “smart amplifier” defines the information model needed to perform both remote configuration and the gathering of status information from RF amplifiers. At the time of this writing, the working group is actively completing its work based on the SCTE 1.8 GHz amplifier standard, [SCTE 279].

This proposed scope of the project is to define a standard information model using the Universal Modeling Language (UML) and then create the YANG data model for communications with broadband amplifiers used in hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks. The modeling can apply to all HFC networks including DOCSIS 4.0 applications and is intended to include all required monitoring and control communications with an amplifier, whether accessed over the HFC control plane or locally via direct wired or wireless connection.

The cable industry benefits from having a standardized information model that is used for amplifier configuration and status. A goal of this project is to create an information model that is applicable to both stand-alone distribution amplifiers and to launch amplifiers inside fiber nodes, leveraging existing CableLabs operations system work from the Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) project.

The smart amplifier features and capabilities can be leveraged to enable measurement and reporting of network conditions such that the system can be made more reliable. With this information cable network operations personnel can make modifications necessary to improve conditions and monitor network trends to detect when network improvements are needed.

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