Advanced Workflows for Onboarding (2022)

By Peter Cline, Priyasmita Bagchi, Nirav Dave; Comcast

Every brilliant network deserves a brilliant onramp, one which makes it simple and easy for customers to get quick, ready- access to the services for which they are paying. This first interaction with services and products will leave a lasting impression that will be difficult to change if it isn’t positive. At Comcast, teams are intently focused on ensuring that this onboarding or first-time user experience (FTUE) is frictionless and positive for our customers. We look to minimize customer interactions stemming from difficulties with onboarding and to direct as many folks as possible into the nself-install installation route. This paper examines how we are using cloud native such as workflow orchestrators and Functions as a service (FaaS) to realize this goal. We will examine how previous paradigms employed for onboarding provided a foundation for the new workflow orchestration architecture presented here and helped propel us in that direction. From the perspective of software development, we wish to develop platform services that are robust, highly observable, scalable, quick and easy to modify and deploy, while providing the best customer experience.

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