Wi-Fi Sensing - Detecting Motion for Security, Aging in Place, and More (2022)

By Josh Redmore, CableLabs

Wi-Fi sensing uses functionality already present in Wi-Fi radios to detect motion. The immediate use cases for home security are certainly valuable by themselves, but the future of sensing holds immense promise for elder care, aging in place, advanced medical applications, IoT control, immersive gaming, and more. Imagine being alerted to a change in behavior of a remote relative, or even potentially detecting a fall or other life-threatening condition. Imagine a doctor being able to have real-time information about a patient’s breathing or heart rate - all with the patient comfortably at home with no expensive, dedicated medical hardware. Imagine these solutions not requiring a professional installation, relying solely on the devices already deployed in a customer's home. This paper covers the base technology behind Wi-Fi sensing, current applications, deployment best practices, and near-future use cases.

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