How to Not Pop the Balloons: Migrating The Analog Headend for The Digital Broadband Future Facility (2021)

By Benjamin Strunk, Comcast Cable – Northeast Divisio

The transformation of the legacy broadband buildings into Broadband Digital Nexus (BDN) structures that enable the digital connections to millions of people and businesses daily, is at a crossroads. At a fast approaching time horizon, all legacy analog sites will need to change from housing an analog-facing technology to a digital infrastructure. These structures will gain more useful life in the cable broadband ecosystem. This paper will show in detail the transformative steps achievable in hundreds of locations simultaneously or individually. All these steps can be accomplished while maintaining a limited or negative amount of critical infrastructure equipment. When comparing energy consumed in an analog facility versus a digital facility, the initial data is showing an energy reduction of 200%. Coupling these transformations to adopting sustainable building technics and energy reduction options, the space and power of Broadband Digital Nexus structures is presenting opportunities hidden within physical constrictions setting operators up for rapid growth and digital transformations in the field.

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