Strategies for Implementing Edge Services in the 10G Cable Network (2020)

By Eric Heaton, Intel Corporation – Network Platforms Group

Cable network bandwidth demands are growing exponentially as video becomes ubiquitous, Internet of Thing (IoT) devices proliferate, and new high bandwidth wired, and wireless Access technologies come online. Gartner estimates 90 percent of the data generated by the massive number of Internet-connected devices is sent to regional data centers for processing, further stressing network infrastructure and increasing average response times for everyone.

That said, there is an incredible opportunity for broadband connectivity providers and those offering over the-top (OTT) applications and Services to help make sense of and take action on the data coming from cars, cameras, factories, enterprises, and homes, and to do so in a timely manner. In fact, whole new categories of Services have been dreamed up, requiring ultra-low latency (i.e., augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR)), enhanced data privacy (i.e., medical records), or bandwidth optimization (i.e., video surveillance).

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