50 Million Keys to SNMPv3 Privacy (2020)

By Paul E. Schauer, Comcast Cable

Security and Privacy must be top line features of any service operating today. Twenty years ago, the team at CableLabs prescribed SNMPv3 with Diffie Hellman key exchange for encrypting management traffic from DOCSIS cable modems. While SNMP is dated, simple non-sensitive management data is still integral to CM operations. Yet in 2020, few production implementations of encrypting SNMP have been reported. Because CM management traffic lives behind numerous other layers of network and physical security, this has not been a significant issue. Still, leaving the CM management data in clear text SNMP is an operational luxury that should be phased out of practice. Switching to newer, more secure protocols is a future solution that overlooks the millions of installed DOCSIS CMs. As part of Comcast’s ongoing evolution of security and privacy, clear text SNMP data has been deprecated. DOCSIS cable modem management is now encrypted with SNMPv3 utilizing Diffie Hellman key exchange as specified by CableLabs. Associated mechanisms for securely managing the privacy keys and boot files are part of the larger solution. This paper will highlight technical issues of implementing SNMPv3 with Diffie Hellman key exchange at MSO scale.

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