Building a Technology Platform for Smart Agriculture Deployments (2019)

By Elliott Hoole & Joshua Sanders, Charter Communication

This paper demonstrates how synergies between C-Band and unlicensed wireless technologies for massive connectivity in conjunction with IoT devices can enable a Smart Farm business vertical. The purpose of this project was to investigate areas where multiple access technologies along with IoT device scan demonstrate real savings and provide the basis for a model for managed IoT services in actual deployments along with investigating the range and performance of C-Band in rural broadband applications. Using available LoRa IoT sensors for monitoring various elements around the farm we designed and deployed a complete LoRa network to collect and house the device reports. Data visualization and presentation aspects were done through partnerships. The end user can view the data either through a web-based portal or with an app that runs on either a Virtual Reality HMD or Android device (i.e. smart phone or tablet). We have also seen a sizeable potential for a new business vertical for a cable MSO who would deploy such a system across a wide geographical footprint to serve US agricultural customers. These kinds of platforms could also be expanded to address other verticals like Industrial Automation, Health Care, and Smart Cities.

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