The Benefits Of Leveraging Multi-Vendor Orchestration To Achieve True Service Agility (2018)

By Arvinder S Anand, Ericsson

Operators need an easy but comprehensive solution that transitions their operations from providing traditional services to offering a hybrid of physical and virtual services. In this environment, innovative services are not only delivered to customers on demand but must be able to respond to surrounding dynamics in real time. Customer provisioning must move from weeks to minutes and Service Level Agreements must be measured and enforced.

As Operators transform to meet these needs, enabling automated orchestration of available resources at scale is foundational. To accomplish this, operators are shifting their focus from implementation of Operation Support Systems “stacks” made of vertical fulfillment or assurance silos with heavy reliance on System Integration services, to a simplified pre-integrated horizontal architecture that can be readily configured to support specific service offerings including those that leverage VNFs. This need goes well beyond what ETSI Management & Orchestration (MANO) Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Orchestrators and NFV Managers can offer.

Multi-Vendor Orchestration answers the call through a flexible and modular service orchestration solution that fully automates the multiple layers of complex processes for service creation, delivery and assurance.

It provides rapid validation of VNFs, onboarding of new services, resource management, service design and configuration, and closed-loop policy-based service assurance for Service Level Agreement compliance. It also supports capacity management to provide the right level of resources in real time.

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