Virtualizing Managed Business Services for SoHo/SME Leveraging SDN/NFV and vCPE (2017)

By Ajay Manuga, Benu Networks

The cloud managed services market has been flourishing in recent years due to the advancements in cloud computing, virtualization and mobility services. This market will grow from $35.54B in 2016 to $76.73B by 2021, at an estimated CAGR of 16.6% from 2016 to 2021. Managed services allow businesses to outsource most aspects of their IT infrastructure to a service provider. This can reduce the recurring in house IT costs by 30-40% and bring about 50-60% increase in efficiency.

While many of the managed service offerings have been focused on medium to large enterprises, there is a major opportunity for Multiple Systems Operator’s (MSO) to offer a solution for the SoHo/SMEmarket. The MSO can offer compelling services to this segment, like a custom guest Wi-Fi splash page, social network sign on, promotions management, customer analytics, multi-site VPN, and more.

This document covers a virtual CPE (vCPE) architecture that provides enterprise-class, cloud based value added services for the SoHo/SME market. Using technologies common in data center networking such as virtualization, SDN and overlay tunneling this real-world MSO deployment was able to leverage their existing business infrastructure and premise equipment on top of their DOCSIS network. This Virtual Service Edge (VSE) solution greatly amplifies the types of business service offerings for the operator.

The platform is designed to be owned, controlled and maintained by the service providers, while reducing their time to roll out and manage these new enhanced service offerings. This architecture seamlessly integrates into a service provider’s OSS, BSS, customer care processes and other back end systems and the offering can be combined with other existing services like residential home spot and outdoor Wi-Fi.

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