Smart Recordings: Dynamic Search and Record of Live TV (2017)

By Chris Lintz, Comcast VIPER

X1 – Comcast’s advanced video platform and the X1’s Cloud DVR (cDVR) are used by millions of customers across the country. They expect uninterrupted service, seamless access to thousands of programs, and world-class product features. Comcast VIPER designs and develops IP video solutions supporting X1, cDVR, and mobile technologies.

Users searching for linear programming on their set-top box or mobile device typically enter static metadata such as the program title or series they are interested in. This synchronous search will immediately return results highlighting channels and scheduling for any programming results. Channel surfers may simply find programming by continuously paging the on-screen guide or by rotating through their favorite set of channels.

A user’s interest in content cannot always be defined by searchable static programming metadata. The dialogue within a program can often be a much richer description of the content, but today’s services offer no way to search the dialogue in near real-time and inform a user that their interest is appearing on a live program.

Traditional DVR search and record functionality is also based on static metadata such as show title, program series and genre. Users can press the record button and instantly start recording a program or alternatively, schedule future recordings. While these are key functionalities for DVR use, automated recordings triggered from continuous search across linear dialogue offers a broader content discovery.

Searching and recording based on linear dialogue opens up more value and provides a leap forward in linear and DVR services. Imagine coming home and finding multiple video clips on your DVR containing in-depth interviews of your favorite sports stars appearing on various programs. Channel surfing becomes more interactive when you receive a guide notification informing you that a topic of interest is appearing on a channel you rarely watch.

Shorter, more relevant videos of interest offer a convenience for both at-home and mobile users always on the go. Investors can stay on top of every important conversation about their stocks. Fantasy football fans can capture news and interviews with their roster of players. Researchers and entertainment fans will no longer miss content that brings value to their lives. The possibilities are endless when given the ability to continuously search live TV dialogue 24/7 across all available channels.

This future smart search and record product is running in Comcast’s lab and planning is underway for a customer trial launch, which will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and contractual obligations. The innovation was invented and pushed forward by engineers with the passion to bring more value and content discovery to X1 and mobile device customers. This document focuses on the architecture and technologies supporting the product functionality.

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