Adapting Proven Technology to Counter IoT Threats (2017)

By Petr Peterka, Verimatrix

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging fast from hype to reality across homes, enterprises, cities and infrastructures, creating massive opportunities in multiple sectors. But inevitably, given the associated proliferation in IP connected objects and services, it generates new security threats at different levels from minor nuisances to major national security threats. This has created a view that radically different technologies and strategies are needed to counter threats in this new security landscape. Verimatrix challenges this notion by arguing that although some of the threats may appear novel, they involve many techniques around theft of credentials and denial of service that are already well known. As a result, existing technology well proven in other spheres, especially pay TV revenue protection, can be adapted to counter these threats. While new threats are of course arising all the time and require constant vigilance on the part of security providers to counter, the required innovation is already taking place. Security firms such as Verimatrix are investing in AI, Machine Learning and other advanced techniques designed to provide early warning of emerging attacks so that they can be anticipated in advance, or at worst,countered as they unfold before significant damage has been done. Above all, the key to protecting the IoT lies in renewable security which is essential to stay ahead in the arms race against hackers and pirates.

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