MPEG DASH: A Technical Deep Dive and Look at What’s Next (2012)

By Andy Salo, RGB Networks

The MPEG DASH standard was ratified in December 2011 and published by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) in April 2012. This paper will review the technical aspects of the new MPEG DASH standard in detail, including: how DASH supports live, on-demand and time-shifted (NDVR) services; how the two primary video formats – ISO-base media file format (IBMFF) and MPEG-2 TS – compare and contrast; how the new standard supports digital rights management (DRM) methods; and how Media Presentation Description (MPD) XML files differ from current adaptive streaming manifests. In addition, the paper will discuss how MPEG DASH is likely to be adopted by the industry, what challenges must still be overcome, and what the implications could be for cable operators and other video service providers (VSPs).

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