Managed IP Video Service: Making the Most of Adaptive Streaming (2012)

By John Ulm & John Holobinko, Motorola Mobility

The paper describes how an operator can leverage adaptive streaming protocols that are used today for unmanaged over-the-top (OTT) content for a complete managed IP video service. The paper describes how this solution is simpler and without some of the challenges imposed by implementing multicast delivery. Motorola’s IP video modeling data shows compelling results regarding the relative benefits of adaptive versus multicast.

The conclusions and illustrations presented in this paper will help operators better understand how to: 1) initially deploy managed IP video services via DOCSIS, 2) plan their bandwidth and network resource requirements, 3) support existing video services in IP, and 4) optimize the network resources required as IP video viewership grows from small numbers to ultimately become the predominant means of video delivery in cable networks.

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