Determining Radiation Levels In CATV Cable Systems For Compliance With FCC Regulations (1973)

By Louis A. Marvin, Anaconda Electronics

This paper presents an analysis regarding specific problems encountered in measuring radiation levels of CATV cable systems for FCC radiation compliance. Methods of testing and measurement techniques through the use of various types of test equipment are discussed in locating radiation sources. Many fault conditions are traced and analyzed. These are itemized and defined as to type of radiation and their characteristics.

Based upon information obtained from actual field measurements and examples, it is possible to identify and locate unrelated radiating sources. The possibility of multi-radiating sources causing readings in excess of specification, yet not necessarily adjacent to the measurement location, can be shown with physical layout diagrams. Additionally, it is possible to predict meaningful "effective shielding" factors for many CATV system components, including connectors, housings, and cable.

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